Unionbank’s EON Unsafe?

You wouldn’t believe our luck. We have been debited not once, not twice, but thrice just this year! If you think online transactions are safe, think again. I know the convenience of having to do payments through web rather than standing in lines for hours, but if you are in our shoes today, you would feel that those moments you wasted for queues are worth every penny.

The first experience was with my Security Bank’s cashcard account. I withdrew money from RCBC atm in L’Sea. Getting my money back meant hundreds of load credits to call their support and precious time to submit necessary forms for dispute, and not to mention the conversations I had with the manager to complain of how slow the process was. But I didn’t mind the hassle because at the end of almost 2 months of waiting, I got my money back. Purely, a little unfortunate mistake so let’s move on.

Unionbank EON UnsafeThe succeeding nightmares were from my husband’s Unionbank EON. We withdrew from BPI atm in District Ayala North Point and no money was dispensed. Immediately went to the office and reported. Also went to Unionbank San Sebastian to submit the report. Just imagine the frustration because after a month of waiting, BPI said the transaction was successful. As easy as that, all your hard-earned money gone.

Today, as we are about to do our grocery at SM Bacolod, we checked our EON balance in BDO atm and surprise surprise, we were debited again! Called the customer support and said the transactions were made online from a merchant VISA-ENTROPAY UK INTERN GB(840) . We never even heard of it! And how I wish we were in UK!

I tried to research online of what VISA-ENTROPAY UK INTERN GB(840) is. This is nothing new. We are not the first victims. Unionbank EON has received a lot of complains about security breach but have they done something about it? As we read this BLOG posted 2012,  we are filled with uncertainty. We don’t know who to blame. We don’t know if we are ever safe! We wanted to report this incident but to whom? We already filed a dispute to Unionbank. We will wait 15-85 days for the investigation. I am not expecting anymore. After all if you were told “the transaction was successful”, what would you do? Dead end.




Light at the end of the tunnel! I wished I knew this back then. Here is a post regarding steps on how to go about when ATM didn’t dispense cash:

  1. Write date, time, location of the transaction.
  2. Keep receipts. Take photos of receipts as these fade.
  3. Call your bank.
  4. File a formal report.
  5. Seek BSP’s help when the bank refuses to.

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6 thoughts on “Unionbank’s EON Unsafe?

  1. Hi. I also became a victim of this VISA-ENTROPAY fraud last May 2nd, 2013. I found out about it six days later, when I checked my EON account. The exact merchant name was VISA-ENTROPAY GB(840). I immediately contacted both Entropay and Unionbank and I was advised to cancel the debit card (but not the EON account), ask for a new one and file a dispute. I did everything they asked – duly signed letter of dispute, screen shots, card photo. I waited more than 90 days for the entire thing. In the end, all I got was a “We regret to inform you” message. That was P2,200 + effort + worries wasted.

    Now I’m filing a new dispute for multiple charges. I hope the money gets credited back this time, and soon.

    15-85 days processing time is too long, don’t you think? I also wish they had a 2-factor authentication option such as a mobile authenticator, phone call, SMS or email before any transaction could go through.

    1. We’re better off without it. The only reason we ever applied for the card is because our Paypal accounts need a bank to withdraw money from. Now, almost all of the banks offer such service. We bid our goodbyes to Unionbank’s EON from that day on. Hope you get your money back (fingers crossed).

    2. Hi again. Just a follow-up on my new dispute with UBP EON (multiple charges). I contacted them immediately on the same day that the problem happened – May 18th. The dispute process started on May 26th. I got refunded on June 11th. Good thing it didn’t take too long.

      1. That’s great news! Hope it does not happen again 🙂 I wonder where those transactions are from. Did you do any online transaction such as ticket purchase, hotel or amazon shopping before that?

  2. The transactions were from Google Play. It was a failed in-app purchase. I remember I tried it 3 times. When I checked from my Google Wallet account, it stated that my transactions were cancelled. When I checked my EON account, I was charged 8 times until my funds became insufficient. I figured it was a simple error, unlike my Entropay fraud case in 2013.

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